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62 Norwegian municipalities introduce water-boiling orders over past eighteen months



Last year, at least 62 municipalities sent out notices to residents that their water was so polluted that it must be boiled according to Aftenposten newspaper.

A survey taken by the newspaper showed that some of the municipalities had also received several orders to do the same during the period.

The survey showed that most water orders came in April and May. These often coincided with snow melting, flooding and extreme weather. Another common cause is old water pipes. Then the pressure falls and sewage seeps in wrote Aftenposten.

Pollution in connection with maintenance or faults in the watermark itself is also the cause of some of the cases. In some municipalities, water boiling orders had been introduced as a security measure because they lacked an overview of the situation and had to wait for test results.

In addition to the water scandal at Askøy, several other municipalities in June have asked inhabitants to boil water. This applies to municipalities such as Hurum, Kvalsund, Lavangen, Osterøy, and Våler.

Every time a municipality introduces water boiling orders to inhabitants, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority must be notified. According to the newspaper, there is no overview of how often the municipalities introduce water-boiling orders.

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