623 people were deported from Norway in July

boardingBoard the plane.Photo. Norway Today Media

Police Immigration Service transported 623 people out of Norway in July. 162 of these were violating one or more sanctions. showed monthly statistics from the National Police Immigration Service (PU).

Of the sanctioned who have been deported, there were 17 percent who had citizenship of Romania, 13 percent from Poland and 12 percent in Lithuania.

So far this year we deported the most people who were Afghans, Iraqi and Syrian in nationality. Many of these are sent out by the Dublin Agreement, which governs which country will treat their asylum applications. They are not necessarily sent back to their homeland.

So far this year the most, 610 people have been deported to Italy, while 582 are transported to Germany, 382 to Sweden, 263 to Albania, 235 to Romania, 234 for Poland and 168 to Afghanistan.

This is not necessarily the person’s home country, when many are deported from the Dublin Agreement.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today