7-year old saved out of a bus on the rocker

Bus accidentVoss.Bus accident.Photo: Geir Geitle / Avisa Hordaland / NTB scanpix

The  driver and a seven year old schoolboy was trapped in a bus who had skidded off the road in Voss and kept on tipping of the rocks. But they both emerged unscathed from the incident through the side window.

It was 8:12 Thursday morning a message from the Hordaland police department came about  a school bus had run off the road at the icy county road 311 at Vangsvatnet Voss municipality.

The bus landed “on a tilt” on a slope and was in danger of tipping over. The bus driver and one passenger, a seven-year-old boy, did not dare move in fear that it would tilt the vehicle in the wrong direction.

– Neither driver or passenger dare to take off their seat belts. The bus were at risk of tipping over and topple and i into the ditch. The bus driver says that the danger of tipping is great, said fire commander Torkjell Helle at 110-dispatch in Hordaland to NRK news.

The fire department could shortly before nine o’clock report that they had brought the two people out of the bus through the side window. The bus will be picked up by a rescue vehicle during the morning.

The cause of the descent was probably slippery roads. Freezing Rain creates major problems at various locations in Norway Thursday.

– Police are done at the scene. The road is open, says Hordaland police about the accident site.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today