70 children to be released from Norwegian asylum reception centres

Bjørnebekk asylum receptionBjørnebekk asylum reception.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

The government has softened the rules, and put NOK 38 million into the revised national budget to move 80 families and 170 children out of asylum reception centres.


This appears in the first leak from the revised budget, reported TV 2.

Parents who, for various reasons, do not have ID documents and are approved by the Norwegian authorities have previously not been resident in a municipality. As a result, many children have been living in asylum reception centres for years.

But now the government will put the children’s needs first.

“There may be various reasons why they have not received an approval of their identity. There may be problems in the country from which they come from, and we see that this takes time, so we are cutting through the red tape so that these children’s families can live in a Norwegian municipality,” said Jan Tore Sanner of Høyre (H), Minister of Knowledge and Integration.

Left leader, Trine Skei Grande, said Norway now has a broader integration policy.

‘’170 asylum children will leave reception centres and settle, and their parents will learn Norwegian and start integratiing. By settling these children’s families in the municipalities, they can quickly get started with their lives in Norway,learn Norwegian and get education and work. It is good for both the children,the family and for integration,” said Grande to NTB news.

The full revised national budget will be released on May 15th.


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