7,000 people have called the Foreign Ministry’s helpline

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Many Norwegians abroad want to come home, but travel restrictions and fewer flights are causing problems. The UD’s public telephone has received many thousands of inquiries.

On Wednesday night, 7,000 Norwegian citizens abroad had called the Foreign Ministry’s (UD) operational center, which is also called the public telephone, writes NRK.

Press officer Vera Helstrøm from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that there has been a sharp increase in the number of people who have registered after they went out with new travel advice.

Helstrøm advises all Norwegians who wish to return home, to register at reiseregistrering.no and to follow national advice and injunctions on infection in the country they are in. If they have a special need, they must contact the UD’s public telephone or the nearest Scandinavian embassy, writes NRK.

The Foreign Ministry also advises Norwegians to contact their travel insurance company.

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