71 children abducted from Norway last year


Last year, 71 children were abducted from Norway and taken abroad, and 24 children were abducted from abroad and taken to Norway. The number of cases was 39 and 16 respectively.

By comparison, the year before, 74 children (50 cases) were abducted from Norway to abroad, and 17 children (14) were abducted from abroad to Norway.

The figures are shown in a statistics list compiling civil international child abduction cases to or from Norway, which the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have registered.

For the first time, the statistics also contain cases that are registered by the Norwegian Ministry of Children, Youth and Family Affairs.

According to the figures, the child abduction cases between 2005 and 2018 from Norway and out of the country are distributed among the nations with the highest proportion: the United Kingdom (36), Poland (32), Sweden (32), Germany (20), Turkey (19), Denmark ( 18), Russia (18), Brazil (16), Iraq (16), and Thailand (14).

Conversely – from abroad and to Norway – during the same period, the distribution was Poland (30), USA (29), Sweden (26), United Kingdom (22), Denmark (18), Lithuania (15), Germany (8), Spain (8), and the Netherlands (8).

The statistics are based on manual counting. Those who prepared them therefore urge that the statistics be used with caution.

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