71 percent of the Norwegians say no to the EUROPEAN UNION

EU71 percent of the Norwegians say no to the EU.Photo: Lise Åserud / Scanpix

A few days before the British are going to vote on whether they are to remain in or leave the EU, a poll shows that 70.9 percent  in Norway says no to Norwegian EU membership, only 19.6 percent said yes.

-This poll shows that Norway is happy not being a part of the European Union, ” Per Edgar Kokkvold, press veteran and United Kingdom expert said to the Klassekampen.

He stressed that one cannot compare those who oppose EU membership in Norway with those who do so in the UK.
-In Norway’s opposition to the EU is a redgreen project. In the United Kingdom it is a blueblue project, and the bluer you are, the stronger your the resistance are to the EU, ” Kokkvold said.

The poll shows that the Norwegian opposition to the EU is strongest among those who vote Center Party, the Christian People’s Party and Red. No one in any of these parties says yes to EU. In the Progress Party  83 percent of the respondents are negative to a Norwegian EU membership. Even in Right 61 percent would vote no if  a referendum were to be held tomorrow.

-In Norway, it’s mainly the progressive love of the nation, not nationalism and xenophobia, but democracy and rule of the people, which characterizes the no side, ” Kokkvold said.
In Norway it’s the ones younger than 30 years of age who are most negative to the European Union, in this age group  75.5 per cent say no.

Most EU supporters live in Oslo,  24 percent of respondents here say Yes to Norwegian EU membership.The No camp has grown sharply over the last decade. In the summer of 2006 only 48 percent of Norwegians  said no to the EU.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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  1. Good decision. Get out of the EU, and you won’t have to give refuge to those from criminal minded countries.

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