7,345 recorded corona cases in Norway – up 95

Akershus University HospitalAkershus University Hospital.Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB scanpix

At midnight, 7,345 cases of the Coronavirus infection were recorded in Norway, according to preliminary figures from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

This is an increase of 95 cases in the last 24 hours. In the last two days, the increase is 180 cases.

The figures are taken from the Communications System for Infectious Diseases (MSIS) and show a preliminary overview.

A total of 129 people are receiving treatment in hospitals for Covid-19 disease. On Thursday, 187 have died as a result of the disease.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today


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  1. I’ve got to share this. 🙂 On Britain’s Independent … for the past *5* weeks now? … I’ve been arguing for everyone there to facemask … since Norway does anything Britain does … and the British finally seem to be coming around. And today appears the article “Coronavirus: Advising public to wear masks on a voluntary basis would be ‘common sense’, says expert. ‘If they are coughing and spluttering then it makes complete sense to wear masks in order to protect other people'”

    My comment, underneath: 🙂

    What?? A British “expert” finally arguing FOR *common sense* … and everyone facemasking?? The world turned upside down! (Tune played, Yorktown Virginia, October 19, 1781.) But finally surrendering to common sense isn’t so bad.

    But his common sense is too tempered. Properly handled, a homemade mask *can* protect the wearer a little … which in some cases might be decisive … although their real value is keeping the infection from getting out of an infected person or the FAR many more who don’t yet realize they’re infected, of course.

    The bumbling Tory government and its “medical experts” ignored Cambridge’s own 2013 endorsement of homemade masks – however reluctant – and there are lots of good plans out there for making your own.

    Locked-down grandmothers might want to sew lots of re-usable/washable ones for their families … for their own survival.

    Come to think of it, our American patriot Thomas Paine had something to say about … Common Sense. 🙂

    BlackArrow (a la Robert Louis Stevenson, a Scot) aka Lou Coatney


    Common Sense was Paine’s little pamphlet which convinced a critical majority of Americans that war/revolution was the only recourse left in dealing with the arrogant British.

    Hearts and minds. 🙂

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