Norwegian keeps 737 MAX airborne

Boieng 737 MAX 8Boieng 737 MAX. Photo: Wikipedia / User:Acefitt - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Norwegian Airlines keeps 737 MAX 8 airborne

Norwegian Airlines System (NAS) will continue to use its Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft as usual after the plane crash in Ethiopia on Sunday. The 157 persons on board lost their lives in the accident.

The accident happened six minutes after the 737 8 MAX from Ethiopian Airlines took off from Addis Ababa. It was headed for Nairobi. The plane crashed near the town of Bishoftu, 50 kilometres southeast of the capital. All the 149 passengers and a crew of eight lost their lives.

It was made known via Chinese media that China has asked domestic airlines to temporarily ground all Boeing 737 MAX on Monday morning. Such a move is currently not applicable to Norwegian. NAS possesses 15 similar aircraft.

“All of our 737 MAX 8 aircraft fly as normal. We are, as always, in close dialogue with Boeing and relate to their and recommendations from the Norwegian Aviation Authority. The safety of our passengers always comes first ” Flight Manager of Norwegian, Tomas Hesthammer, tells NTB on Monday morning.

“Norwegian will not issue any further statements at present,” the company informs the website E24.

Norwegian uses 737 MAX 8 on transatlantic routes between the East coast of the US, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Norwegian possess, according to its fleet overview, 15 aircraft of the type 737 MAX.

Shortly after take-off

According to Ethiopian Airlines, the pilot reported problems shortly after departure. He, therefore, requested to be allowed to return to the airport.

The plane which crashed on Sunday is the most modern version, namely the 737 MAX 8. It was delivered in November 2018. The plane is the same type as the Indonesian company Lion Air that crashed in October. 189 persons perished on that occasion.

Ethiopian Airlines reports after the accident that they ground its entire fleet of Boeing 737 MAX 8.

Norwegian has previously stated that it has ordered 100 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft from the US company.

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