75 children were abducted from Norway to abroad in 2019

Shadows of many people.Shadows of many people.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix


In 2019, 75 children were registered as abducted from Norway to abroad. Eleven children were registered as abducted from abroad to Norway.

The figures are from the government’s statistics on child abductions between 2005–2019 that were published this week.

In comparison, 71 abducted children were registered from Norway to abroad in 2018, while 24 children were abducted from abroad to Norway.

Within Norway, 86 children were abducted in 2019, compared with 95 children the year before.

823 children abducted from Norway
A total of 823 abducted children have been registered from Norway to abroad during the last 15 years, while 333 children have been registered abducted from abroad to Norway during the same period.

The number of cases is fewer than the number of children, since several children can belong to the same abduction case.

Most child abduction cases were registered from Norway to Poland (37) and the United Kingdom (36). From abroad to Norway, the majority of child abduction cases were from Poland (32) and the United States (29).

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