80 million for the cleanup of sewage wastewater treatment plants


The Environment Directorate rewards ideas that can help clean up the sea and coastal seepage.


The Norwegian Environmental Protection Agency is taking measures to clean up marine sewage wastewater treatment plants and has set off 80 million in subsidies for ideas for cleaning the ocean.

– “Marine propagation and dispersion of micro-plastic is a rapidly increasing environmental problem. It threatens wildlife along the coast and in the sea, it is a danger to seafood and indeed all the use of coastal and marine areas,” said climate and environmental minister Vidar Helgesen (H).

“We work globally, regional and nationally to solve this. The UN’s Environment Assembly recently adopted, on a proposal from Norway, a global goal of stopping all supplies of plastic to the oceans.”

Last year, the Environmental Directorate received 200 applications for grants. The money can go for cleanup both in coastal zones, along river banks and on the seabed.

You can apply for support for coordination of cleaning operations, transportation and delivery of the waste to approved receptions, including private boat owners. Projects that have a preventive effect can also apply for support.

“There is an increasing commitment across Norway to reduce plastic pollution. Last year, nearly 50,000 people took part in cleaning operations, that’s more than ever. They cleared an impressive 1,400 tons of marine waste. Many other good projects also received support such as for information campaigns and finding alternatives to marine fuels,” says Helgesen.

The deadline for applying is 15 February.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today