800 Exotic Animals Seized

boa snake banBoa snake.Photo: pixabay.com

An anonymous tip on Thursday, March 22, led Swedish police to a house in Löberöd, Skåne county in south Sweden, where authorities seized 800 exotic creatures including crocodiles.


Reporting to Sydsvenskan newspaper, Marcus Bjorklund, head of the Animal Protection Unit in Skane said; “This is one of the largest (abuses of animal welfare laws) that we’ve seen.”

A wide variety of exotic animals were found at the address, including snakes, lizards, turtles, mice & 2 crocodiles. Unfortunately, a number of dead animals were also discovered.

Authorities took possession of all the animals and will attempt to relocate them to zoos or put in the care of those who have the both government approval and expertise in taking care of exotic animals.

The occupant of the premises, a man, is suspected of buying & selling endangered wild animals protected under international law. He’s also suspected of breaching animal welfare laws. He was questioned by Swedish authorities, charged with offenses and then released to face charges at an unspecified date.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today