8,500 Schibsted customers affected by data leakage

AftenpostenOslo.Aftenposten newspaper.Photo: Knut Falch / SCANPIX

Users of Aftenposten and Bergens Tidende have received information leaked from the ownership company, Schibsted, by a hacker attack against a third party,Typeform.


On June 27, user data was leaked from the Spanish company, which, among other things,provides a tool for user surveys online reported Aftenposten newspaper.Many large companies around the world are affected by the leaks.

One of them is Schibsted, who announced the leak on July the 2nd.

A total of 8,500 users received leaked information, approximately 3,000 Aftenposten newspaper users, and 5,500 Bergens Tidende newspaper users.

Those who have been affected have received an email about this.

Communications Director Camilla Kielland regretted that information has been leaked.

“It is obviously regrettable, and even though it was through a third party solution that the data leakage had occurred, we are responsible for the users’ data. What is important to clarify from our side is that luckily there is no talk about sensitive data,’’ she said.

This means that, for example, passwords or payment information were not leaked.

“On the other hand, information about names, email addresses and demographic variables such as gender, age, country, education and household income – in combination with the answers users provided in the user survey,” said Schibsted’s Person Protection Director, Ingvild Næss in an email to Aftenposten users.

The Data Inspectorate have been routinely notified of the data leakage.

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