Trailer full of candy stolen

Trafic problems in Oslo Road AdministrationOslo 20040129. Plowing crews have worked hard all night to Thursday to prevent the same trafic problems as it was Wednesday morning. A big truck with problems created queues at Mosseveien by Fiskevoll bay outside Oslo .Foto: Cornelius Poppe / SCANPIX

The police are looking for two trailers that were stolen at Orje in Ostfold last night( 31. january). One trailer was full of candy.

– They are 17 meters long so normally it would not be  easy to hide them, says Tommy Jonsson, who is a partner in the firm Uno Jonsson Åkeri,  to NRK.

The trailers were at his parking spot when they were stolen around 2 am Friday night. Each car costs around NOK 2 million. One car was loaded with 66 pallets of candy headed for Candy King.

– We have products to bring, and customers we must take care of, so this is not good, says Jonsson.

The police in Ostfold has posted an inquiry regarding the two blue trailers on Twitter


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today