8,927 registered Coronavirus cases in Norway – up 6

Ullevål hospitalUllevål hospital.Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

At midnight, 8,927 cases of Coronavirus infection were registered in Norway, preliminary figures from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health show.

This is an increase of six cases during the past day. In the last two days there has been an increase of 32 cases.

The figures are taken from the Communicable Diseases Notification System (MSIS) and show a preliminary overview.

A total of 15 people are receiving treatment at hospitals for the Covid-19 disease. On Friday, 251 deaths were recorded as a result of the disease.

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  1. Meanwhile, WHO (or its director Ghebreyesus, anyway) has actually complimented Sweden for testing out its different, anti-lockdown approach – at an unnecessary cost of over 5400 dead.

    So Trump was right after all, to question WHO’s early position about this exceptionally contagious, deadly virus.

    And WHO has now in turn been criticized by medical experts worldwide for disregarding if not dismissing the lethal danger of the virus in its thinner aerosol/vapor form which can build up in closed spaces like un-ventilated classrooms, buses, etc. (NTB: Eksperter kritiserer WHO for å ta for lett på luftbåren virussmitte) which, along with everyone wearing simple cloth facemasks out in public, I have been harping on for months.

    But the Hippocratic Oath commits doctors to saving their patients from as much pain, suffering, and death as possible – not condemning their people to nationwide experiments on them which will *obviously* cause those.

    Tegnell, Lofven, and Giesecke should be prosecuted for criminal negligence.

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