9,208 registered Coronavirus cases in Norway – 36 more in the last 24 hours

facemasksFacemasks: Heiko Junge / SCANPIX NB Modellklarert.

9,208 cases of Coronavirus infections were registered in Norway at midnight on Thursday night, according to preliminary figures from the National Institute of Public Health.

This is an increase of 36 cases in the last 24 hours. In the past two days, the increase is by 58 cases.

The figures are taken from the Notification System for Infectious Diseases (MSIS) and show a preliminary overview.

On Thursday, there were six Coronavirus patients receiving care at hospitals in this country, and one patient is being treated with a respirator.

A total of 255 corona-infected people in Norway have died, but no new deaths have been reported in this country since Friday 17 July.

In total, about 441,000 people in this country have been tested for covid-19.

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  1. So it is of course rebounding in Norway too, like it’s going to do, if ALL *prevention* precautions aren’t taken – INCLUDING *everyone* facemasking out in public.

    And as we saw before, it will spread EXPONENTIALLY, unless ALL *preventive* measures ARE taken NOW and as DRASTICALLY as Erna’s and Bent’s early extreme lockdown … which even Norway probably cannot afford again. To review:

    – Sanitation, and the virus most hates normal soap which dissolves it – 20 seconds of lathering/washing. Leave shoes and clothes worn out in public out in the entryway. (Luckily, I have a closed entryway.) With the pure natural neutral soap, I wash my face *and hair* as soon as I get home. (Catching the virus from my pillow would be a downer.)

    – (Overlooked) VENTILATION with/to outside air to lower the aerial “viral load”/density of the aerosol/vapor form of this airborne killer in closed rooms/atmospheres. Windows and DOORS (especially on public transportation) open whenever and wherever possible during the current moderate weather. (Air conditioners which only recycle inside air are under suspicion, I’ve read – shades of the Legionnaires’ Disease.)

    – Facemasking, to prevent all those who don’t know (or may never know) they have it and are contagious up to 14? days from spreading it out to others. And simple cloth masks have been found to be even better than some of the valve types. Moreover, there are the articles that the inexpensive disposable masks being sold at apotek butikks can be recycled after (at least) 3 days, since absorbent paper and cotton surfaces dry it out and kill it.
    (I have given my kids 5 each of them, numbered 1-5 for their school days, in (hopeful) anticipation of the masks becoming mandatory in schools.)
    And since the virus can get into the body through the eyes, our/CDC’s Dr. Fauci is recommending goggles now too, and medical staff in Italy, France, and Spain could be seen wearing them when the virus was raging the worst there.

    – Social distancing in schools, workplaces, and out in public whenever and wherever possible, although on public transportation during rush hour that can be difficult.

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