A 22 year old has become Norway’s youngest mayor

Jonas Andersen Sayed (Christian Democratic Party)

Monday night, a unanimous municipal council in Sokndal elected Jonas Andersen Sayed (KrF) as mayor of the municipality. The 22 year old becomes the country’s youngest mayor ever.

– “This will be a day I will never forget. It feels big, a little scary, but also very exciting to be mayor of Norway’s best municipality. And it’s easy to feel small when the mission is so big,” he said in his thank you speech after he was chosen.

The KrF became the municipality’s largest party with a support of 26 percent, which secured the party five municipal council representatives.

Sayed was only 17 when he was elected to the municipal council for the first time. He was a resident of Stavanger, where he studied political science, before moving home to Sokndal to become mayor.

Sayed said in his thank-you speech that there has been a lot of focus on his age, but added that it is a bold signal from the residents of the municipality to show confidence in such a young mayor.

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