A beaver has moved into the Frogner Park

Beaver in the Frogner ParkOslo.Beaver in the Frogner Park.Photo : Ørn E. Borgen / NTB scanpix

On Thursday, the walkers in the Frogner Park were surprised by a beaver swimming around the creek running through the capital park.

The beaver swam around in the water, consuming a considerable amount of ground elder along the riverbank, seemingly undisturbed by the many spectators who stopped to look at it.

The animal seems to have moved into the Frogner River, which is the stream that flows through the Frogner Park and flows into the Frognerkilen.

The beaver is the largest rodent in the northern hemisphere and can weigh up to 40 kilos. Its most distinctive feature is the flat broad tail, which looks almost like a paddle oar, according to the Norwegian Big Lexicon.

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2 Comments on "A beaver has moved into the Frogner Park"

  1. Beavers are hard-working and not to be trifled with. They *will* attack if they feel their domain is being invaded/threatened. In 2017, some fellow in Belarus was killed by one.

    So Bucky Beaver should NOT be petted (by children or anyone), and should be left strictly alone. Signs should be posted. If necessary, a fence should be put in.

    Muskrats are similar aquatic mammals in the U.S., and one appeared one year in “Lake Ruth” – a little pond drolly named a lake by state geographers, most of whom attended Western Illinois Univ. on whose campus the “lake” is.

    My older son and I sailed our large-scale plastic models of HMS Hood and KMS Bismarck on Lake Ruth, and one day I decided to “buzz” Max (the Muskrat) with HMS Hood. Max did NOT like this and nearly SANK HMS Hood! 😮

    A month or so later when we came out, the bank wherein Max had his home was torn up and he was no longer to be found. Maybe he had ventured out too far and become a nuisance. Hopefully, Bucky the Beaver will be relocated humanely.

  2. The fellow in Belarus was killed in 2013, not 2017.

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