A foreign state may be behind the computer attack on parliament

Parliament,Stortinget, 4 partiesParliament,Stortinget.Photo:Norway Today Media

Intelligence chief Morten Haga Lunde believes that the computer attack on the Storting may have originated from a foreign country. He also expects that there will be interest in the general elections in 2021.

“We believe that this could be a campaign that revolves around several countries. Where this attack is part of a larger plan that some are behind,” Lunde told NRK Dagsrevyen.

He says he is close to believing it is a government agent, but also that it is not easy to find out who it could be. Nor will he conclude until the special branch has investigated the case.

“We have previously pointed to Russia and China, along with some other governments involved in this kind of activity. Then we will see what the investigation shows,” he said.

Lunde believes the general election could lead to greater interest in Norway, particularly in areas such as High North policy, and the Arctic and Defence policy.

“Russia says it wants a political reorientation of Norway in open press conferences. This could be a possibility. It is one of several examples,” the intelligence chief said.

He asks Norwegian politicians to be vigilant and asks them to have good data privacy.

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  1. Even though this came right after Norway’s rebuff of Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi during his visit and China wants to show its muscle, new intelligence chief Lunde should not have already pointed the finger like this until there was *proof*. Also, it is easy to “frame” someone digitally.

    I think Lunde’s earlier predecessor Kjell Grandhagen would have been more objective … conservative … at this point.

    Is Lunde an intelligence Trump?

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