A medical certificate for longer absences is reintroduced

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From June 1, you will no longer be required to self-report for the first 16 days of sick leave. This also applies to Covid-19-related absences.

To reduce the work pressure of the primary health service, the government decided on March 16 to extend the right to use self-reporting for employees to 16 days, says a press release from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

“This was a very appropriate measure to introduce in March. We had to make sure that the GPs and the emergency room doctors could spend all their time and work on treating patients and not writing sick leave. Now that the infection situation has changed, and good capacity is reported in the health services, we are removing the right to extended self-reporting,” says Minister of Labor and Social Inclusion Torbjørn Røe Isaksen (Høyre).

Despite the change, the employer may still choose to grant the right to use self-report for the first 16 days.

The changes also apply to freelancers and self-employed persons.

From June 1, these must have a medical certificate from the doctor in order to be entitled to sickness benefit from the fourth day. The right to sickness benefits from the fourth day for self-employed persons and freelancers still only applies to sick leave due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the government said.

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