A national ban on helium balloons allowed to wait

Helium BalloonsHelium Balloons. Photo: Pixabay.com

It may take time before a national ban on helium balloons becomes a reality. It worries Miljøpartiet De Grønne (MDG) political party.

In early May 2018, a unanimous parliament asked the government to investigate as soon as possible a national ban on helium balloons. Although municipalities have the right to regulate street sales, a national ban on all property will not be a reality before this year’s National Day on May 17.

‘’The climate minister should be able to deliver on this.

I notice that it is no more than two days since Elvestuen said he would ban disposable plastic. If he wants to spend the same amount of time on this, it could go through winter and spring before the ban comes into place’’ said national spokesperson, Arild Hermstad of MDG to Aftenposten newspaper.

Recently, the government announced that it would ban one-use plastic objects before the summer of 2020. The EU has adopted a similar ban from 2021.

When it comes to a possible ban on helium balloons, the Minister for Climate and Environmental Affairs, Ola Elvestuen of Venstre (V) stated that the committee set up has been granted a deadline of September this year and March next year.

‘’The municipalities have the opportunity to ban this.

It is more important to follow up the ban on disposable plastic quickly. Now we will quickly put in place a ban on disposable plastic. This is an important step in reducing the risk of waste in the future’’ said the Minister for Climate and the Environment.

Last year, at least 29 municipalities banned sales of helium balloons on public property on 17 May.

In several places in Oslo and Bærum, helium balloons were confiscated and destroyed by the police.

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