A truck with a double trailer drove in the wrong direction on the E6 in Hedmark

PolicePolice at work.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

A lorry was banned from driving on the spot after the Lithuanian driver drove several miles in the wrong direction on the E6 in Hedmark Friday night. Terrified motorists called police.

Police received numerous phone calls from motorists who met a foreign lorry on the highway traveling in the wrong direction on the E6 southbound toward Stange in Hedmark on Friday night at 9pm. The speed limit on this route is 110 kilometers per hour.

– “We suddenly received many reports from oncoming motorists about a double trailer lorry driving in the wrong direction,” says operations manager Dyre Antonsen of the Inland Police District.

He says the Lithuanian driver who is in his 50s realized that he had driven onto the wrong lanes out of the Kåterud crossing just south of Hamar. Out on the four-lane wide highway, he kept his speed low, and drove as close on the road shoulder as he drove south. Only after eight to nine kilometers at the Uthus crossing did he recover from his mistake on the E6.

– “He was driving cautiously, but the cars driving on the highway were driving at speeds of 110. We got a lot of phone calls from terrified motorists,” says the operations manager.

Police stopped the Lithuanian driver who was banned from driving. No alcohol is suspected. The driver was charged a fine of NOK 15,000 which he accepted.

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  1. I’m sure there were ‘many’ signs as well…PUT MORE SIGNS UP. That too.

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