A wet and mild in March

rain wet and miserableRain. Photo: Pixabay.com

The last month was a mild and wet affair. Temperatures were 1.2 degrees above normal throughout the country. At the same time, there was a total of 160 percent more precipitation than normal.

March 2019 thus gets a solid position on the list of the ten wettest March months since 1900.

Some stations in Eastern Norway received almost three times more precipitation than normal. The wettest was, Hordaland. At Gullfjellet, Øvstedal and Opstevit stations in the county, a total of 475.8 mm, 381.6 mm and 346.9 mm of precipitation was measured in March.

The highest daily rainfall was 96.1 mm and was measured on 29 March at Storforshei in Nordland.

1.2 degrees above normal
A few stations in northern Norway and in Trøndelag received around 75 percent more precipitation than normal. The driest place was Cuovddatmohkki and Kautokeino in Finnmark and Otta – Skansen in Oppland. At these stations, only 10.7 mm, 13.3 mm and 11.4 mm rainfall occurred in the last month.

The temperatures were 1.2 degrees above normal throughout the country in March. We are therefore behind the twelfth month in a row where the temperatures have been above normal. It has only happened five times before since 1989.

The relatively warmest was in southern Norway and the southern areas in eastern Norway, where temperatures were 3-4 degrees above normal. However, some stations in Troms and Nordland were up by one degree below normal.

Warmest in Rogaland
The highest maximum temperature was 18.2 degrees and was measured on March 27 at Sigdal – Nedre Eggedal in Buskerud. The lowest minimum temperature was -36.1 degrees, which was measured on March 8 at Suolovuopmi – Lulit in Finnmark.

The hottest stations were Sola and Fister – Sigmundstad in Rogaland, with an average temperature of five degrees (2.3 and 2.4 degrees above normal). The coldest was in Gamanjunni in Troms (-11 degrees), Gamanjunni and Sihccajavri in Finnmark and Sjufjellet in Troms (-10.3 degrees) and Karasjok – Markannjarga in Finnmark (-9.9 degrees).

Svalbard airport had a mean temperature of -12.6 degrees in March, which is 3.1 degrees above normal. Svalbard has now had 100 months in a row with temperatures above normal.

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