Abnormally mild weather all over the country

Clouds, Flood warning, TrøndelagClouds over Stavanger. Photo: Norway Today Media

Above normally mild weather all over the country

Meteorologists report abnormally mild weather in Norway. In Northwest Norway, the weekend will be over 15 degrees in some places, and further north, above 10 degrees.


“This is not common in almost the second half of November. It’s mild all over the country,” said state meteorologist, Rafael Escobar Løvdahl to NTB news.

Towards the weekend we’ll get a split.

“A high-pressure build-up in the south, while in the north we will get winds and rain showers. There will eventually also be a higher pressure, but it will take longer,” said Løvdahl.

The snow is missing

In Oslo, this year’s first snowfall came earlier this year than last year. The snow fell at the end of October, while last year it fell, statistically, as it usually arrives, on Monday the 14th of November.

Although there are minus degrees in places like Drevsjø and Hjerkinn, it is not particularly problematic at the mountain crossings.

“It will probably be a mild and sunny weekend in the south, although there will be humidity in lower areas,” he said.

Mild weather

Western Norway will also receive mild weather with the addendum that it will be cold on the coast and raining occasionally.

“By the end of Thursday, there will be less rainfall and periods of sunshine. For example, Bergen will get10-12 plus degrees with a slight decrease in temperature on Sunday.

The same is expected in Trøndelag. The state meteorologist noted that there will also be local, low clouds and humidity.


Also north will see good weather, but it will arrive later to this part of the country.

“Nordland stands out. They will get the most rainfall. It may see about 50 millimetres in four hours on Thursday.

But it will be mild here too with 10 plus degrees in the lowlands.

In Troms and Finnmark it will not be so mild, between 5 and 10 degrees.

“The wind is mostly between south and northeasterly, with periods of rain that will last until the weekend. Towards the end of the weekend, the high pressure from the south will eventually move further north,” said Løvdahl.

He thinks there is a chance that the farthest north will also see mild weather over the weekend.


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