Activists call the home countries to stop asylum returns

Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

When asylum seekers are forcibly expelled, activists have contacted the recipient’s home country to stop the transport. The police say this can be illegal.

Activists have on several occasions contacted the home countries for which asylum seekers are being deported too, to prevent them from accepting them. This is being confirmed by the Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers (NOAS), Antirasist Center and Refugees Welcome Norway (RWN).

“I know of several groups that have worked closely with the authorities in the recipient’s country,” says campaign leader Linn Landro in RWN to Vårt Land.

The Secretary General Ann-Magrit Austenå in NOAS also confirms that they know that this is happening.

Minerva published an article before the weekend about the Afghan support organization for returning refugees, the Afghanistan Migrants Advice and Support Organization, and its leader Abdul Ghafoor. He contacted the Afghan authorities in an attempt to stop the return of the Abbasi family.

After the family landed in Istanbul, he urged members of a Facebook support group to tell the Afghan authorities that the mother of the family was unconscious. They were asked to make direct contact with the Afghan State Secretary for Refugees and for the Minister of Returns.

To help a foreigner be able to evade a dispatch from Norway and have an illegal stay in the country, can be punishable, writes the police’s immigration unit in an email to the newspaper.

NOAS, Antiracist Center and RWN fear suspicion of the activists.

“I see nothing problematic in it, as long as the information given is correct,” says Austenå.

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