Administrative snafu may have led to the release of rapist

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Administrative snafu may have led to the release of rapist

A man convicted of rape was released when the request to extend the custody was sent in to late. Shortly after, he was arrested again.


The 75-year-old was arrested in Sandnes indicted of trying to abduct a woman, half a year after being released from Ila. The release from detention came even though the prison meant there was a great danger that the man would break the law again, says Stavanger Aftenblad.

When he was released, he had completed a six-year custody sentence dating from 2010. He sought to be released after four years, which was the minimum period of time of serving according to the verdict. At the time, this was refused.

Attorney General Asbjørn Eritsland says that the prosecutor wanted to extend the custody case by another five years, on recommendation from Ila Prison. But the request was not sent in on time.

No provision in the law

– There is no doubt as to where responsibility lies in this case. It lies with us, says Eritsland. He points out that even if it had been sent in on time, it may not be accepted by the court.

– I think however that there should be an opening in the law to correct similar errors – short oversitting of the deadline. That is not the case today, says Eritsland.

The abduction case is currently held in the Jæren District Court. The 75-year-old denies culpability.


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