African Heat-Wave Broils Spain

Spain, © NTB Holiday PayIllustration.Spain.Photo: Norway Today Media

Large parts of Spain are in a state of high-readiness; preparing to cope with a heat wave that’s expected to blast Spain with temperatures reaching above 40 °C / 104 °F.


Spain’s meteorological institute says that 8 provinces in the southern region of Andalucia and the area around Madrid are particularly vulnerable to the heat that’s expected to engulf Spain beginning August 2nd.

An additional 27 Spanish provinces have been preparing for somewhat lower temperatures.Spain’s meteorological office said the expected heat would extend from Wednesday to at least Sunday as a mass of hot air moves up from Africa.

“The spell will be particularly intense and long-lasting in the south-west, the central area and the Ebro valley, with temperatures passing 40 °C Wednesday and beyond,” stated Spain’s weather center.

Spain’s health ministry warned its citizens to drink plenty of water, restrict diets of alcohol and caffeine, remain indoors during high heat, and watch for danger signs of heat-stroke in vulnerable children & elderly.

The highest temperature yet recorded in Europe was 1977’s 48 °C in Athens,Greece and Spain’s Córdoba saw temperatures of 47.3 °C just a year ago.


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