After more than two months, the security guard strike in Norway is over

Security guard strikePhoto: Jil Yngland / NTB

The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO) and the Norwegian Union of General Workers (Norsk Arbeidsmandsforbund) confirmed that the security guard strike is over. The employees will resume work no later than 6 AM on Friday.

The security guard strike began on September 16, making it one of the longest strikes in Norway’s history. 

The Parat union and NHO reached an agreement on November 2, while the Arbeidsmandsforbundet union continued the strike.

But at 5 PM on Thursday afternoon, it became clear that an agreement has been reached between the parties.

“The corona settlement was a costly settlement, but we are relieved that the conflict is over,” CEO Anne-Cecilie Kaltenborn in NHO Service og Handel noted in a press release.

Back to work

“The agreement is in line with what Parat accepted on November 2, both in terms of financial supplements and otherwise. 

“All 2,467 guards that were on strike are now returning to work as soon as possible and no later than Friday morning,” the press release from NHO noted.

Arbeidsmandsforbundet confirms that the agreement is financially the same as the agreement Parat accepted. 

That means, among other things, a supplement of NOK 3.50 per hour from August 1 and an additional NOK 1 from April 1 next year. 

In addition, night, weekend, and shift compensations are also increased, among other compromises.

“Not justifiable to continue”

In a comment, union leader Anita Johansen said that it was not justifiable to continue the labor conflict – for the sake of the strikers, the industry, and its customers.

She believes the result shows that the length of the conflict was necessary to achieve results.

The members will now take a position on the result in a referendum.

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