Aftonbladet: Turkey presents list of requirements for approving Swedish NATO membership 

Photo: Turkish Presidency Pool via AP

The Turkish government has submitted a list of requirements on its website, stating its demands for approving Swedish NATO membership, according to the newspaper Aftonbladet.

All NATO member states must approve Sweden and Finland joining the Alliance. 

The two countries submitted their applications on May 18. To date, Turkey is the only NATO country to have expressed clear skepticism about Sweden’s and Finland’s applications. 

Turkey has previously expressed a desire for the two countries to distance themselves more clearly from the Kurdish group PKK and extradite more people to Turkey.

Source : © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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4 Comments on "Aftonbladet: Turkey presents list of requirements for approving Swedish NATO membership "

  1. Wow. Meanwhile, at Davos, Henry Kissinger has just floored the place coming out saying Ukraine should agree to making major territorial concessions to return the war to the 23Feb22 startline to end the war.
    (Meanwhile, an alleged survey of Ukrainians says 82% of them oppose territorial concessions.)
    My comment beneath the Washington Post article:

    Thank Heaven Henry has said this. He is trying to avert World War 3 … for all of us.
    Getting Ukrainians and Europeans – let alone Biden&Blinken – to be sensible is the next uphill challenge, but Henry’s statement is the vital first step.
    All the best, Henry. Shalom.

    • No way should the Ukraine make major territorial concessions. It’s time to stand up to Russia and call them on their bluff. Anybody with half a brain knows that World War III will solve nothing. Russia has a history of land-grabbing, the most recent of which have been Crimea and two parts of Georgia. They must be stopped. I hope they have lots of oil to sell to the Chinese so that they will be able to pay for all the destruction they have wreaked all over Ukraine.

      • Petter…I think you need to go back in history a little. Maybe also study strategy why Rusdia took Crimea…also ask yourself why this happened…why was McCain and his side kick Nounan there causing riots before the overthrow of Ukraine…seems many in USA or wherever has not studied history or served in a military with any high rank if so you would understand Russia… yes for 26 years military Russia has been our boggy man…now we have more on the list turning against USA because of our own aggression…do you know who they are…

  2. Don’t trust the Turks ! No bargaining with them them. If Turkey puts a monkey-wrench into these two applications to join NATO, then some NATO countries (such as the UK and the USA and perhaps Norway) can simply sign mutual defensive assistance treaties. In fact, did I not recently read that the UK has already concluded something like this with Finland ? Then, if Russia is stupid enough to attack Finland, these other countries will come to their defense. If the Russians were even more stupid to attack Norway, then it would be the the time for NATO (including our Turkish “friends”) to retaliate militarily against Russia. By the way, the Russians brag that they have never lost a war, which is not true. They were defeated by Japan over a century ago (1904-1905).

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