Agder police asks Bureau to investigate leaks

Criminal chief Terje Kaddeberg SkaarKristiansand.Criminal chief Terje Kaddeberg Skaar.Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB scanpix

Agder police asks the Bureau for Police Affairs to investigate leaks

The Agder police have taken the unusual step of asking the Bureau for Police Affairs to investigate whether the police have leaked information from the double murder investigation.

Shortly before the trial against a two-year-old 16-year-old, several media published detailed information from the interrogations of the boy. The police will now find out if the leaks came from their own ranks, reports NRK.

We will investigate whether the police have violated the duty of confidentiality, says Terje Kaddeberg Skaar, Criminal Investigator in Agder Police District. He led the investigation and was the one who was to interact with the media. He deliberately failed to share details he thought confidential. Nevertheless, details from the interrogations appeared in the media.

Might not be investigated

There is reason to believe that it can come from the police, says Kaddeberg Skaar. Although the information did not harm the investigation, he believes it is important to investigate whether the police are behind the leaks.

Other potential sources are defenders, legal aid lawyers and relatives, all of whom have access to the dossier. The lawyers and the police have a duty of confidentiality, but the next of kin are however exempt.

The Bureau confirms to have received the indictment, but has not yet decided whether the case will be investigated.


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