Co-convict of Ahmad to remain in custody

Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad (Mullah Krekar)Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad (Mullah Krekar) under a demonstration in Oslo in 2012. Photo: / Frida Tørring

Co-convict of Ahmad to remain in custody pending extradition

The man convicted of the same terror case as Najumuddin Faraj Ahmad (Mullah Krekar) in Italy is to remain in custody while the extradition claim is processed, according to Borgarting Court of Appeal.

The 46-year-old resident of Buskerud is to be jailed for eight weeks. Borgarting Court of Appeal concludes this in a ruling on Monday. He has been sentenced to seven and a half years in prison in Italy. This, for having entered into terrorist alliances. He is charged with the same in Norway.

Ahmad was sentenced to twelve years in prison in the same case. A third person was sentenced to nine years in prison. The latter is a man in his forties, residing in Østfold.

Italy believes Ahmad is leading a terror network called Rawti Shax. The network, allegedly, has links to the Islamic State (IS).

Danger of eloping

The Court of Appeal has come to the opposite conclusion of what the Oslo District Court did a short week ago. The Court points out, among other things, that the 46-year-old has previously opposed extradition, and that he has also announced that he will do so this time, as well.

The man has a strong connection to Norway. He has, among other things, family and children here. He further assures that he will cooperate with the police. the Court of Appeal has, despite this, concluded that there is an imminent danger that he will attempt to elope in order to evade prosecution and punishment.



Deprived of Norwegian citizenship

Borgarting Court of Appeal emphasises that the 46-year-old has been deprived of his Norwegian citizenship, which changes some basic assumptions in the assessment of the danger of evasion. After the recall, the man is left with Iraqi citizenship.

«He will be able to be extradited to Italy against his will – if the decision is upheld […] and he will probably not be allowed to return to Norway after having served a possible sentence in Italy», according to the ruling.

It was made known earlier this summer that the Buskerud man had been granted Norwegian citizenship, even though he was under investigation for terror in Italy.

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