The Air Force says that Norway should have a missile shield

Joint Strike Figther, missile shieldJoint Strike Figther. Photo: Morten Holm / SCANPIX

The Air Force says that Norway should have a missile shield


The Air Force says that Norway must either join under the protection of NATO’s missile shield, or get its own shield.

In a secret report, the Air Force described enormous gaps in today’s Norwegian air defences, wrote Klassekampen.

It is clear that today’s Armed Forces are unable to protect Norway from attack by missiles and precision bombs. Today’s air defence is described as ‘limited’, too small and too short-range.

This means that Norwegian airfields, which will be the base for Norway’s new combat aircraft, are simple targets. The Air Force has therefore concluded that Norway has two choices, to join NATO’s highly disputed missile shield, or to develop its own national missile shield.

A separate Norwegian missile shield would be extremely expensive. Russia has announced that it will respond very sharply, and that there will be ‘catastrophic consequences’ if Norway joins NATO’s missile shield.

The classified report that Klassekampen has received is the Air Force’s input to the development of the air base of the Royal Norwegian Air Force at Evenes. The airport will be the main base for combat aircraft in northern Norway.



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