Aircraft maintenance engineers in Norway announce strike

Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB

NHO Luftfart and the Norwegian Aircraft Technician Organization (NFO) failed to reach an agreement during the mediation process. Just before 4 o’clock, it became clear that the aircraft engineers were going on strike.

Torbjørn Lothe in NHO Luftfart confirmed the information to NTB.

“The mediator came to the conclusion that the parties were so far apart that there was no basis for submitting a proposal that could be expected to be supported by both parties,” mediator Carl Petter Martinsen at the National Mediator of Norway Office stated.

One in four on strike

Norwegian, SAS, and Widerøe will be affected by the strike, and multiple departures will be canceled. Initially, 31 aircraft technicians will go on strike from Saturday morning. But on Monday, another 75 aircraft technicians will join the strike.

Thus, around a quarter of the aircraft technicians in the NFO will go on strike.

NFO broke off the main negotiations with NHO Luftfart on May 26. The NFO then thought that the distance between the parties was too great, and they expressed that NHO Luftfart “contributed little to further negotiations.”


NFO has not responded to NTB’s inquiries on Saturday, but NFO leader Jan Skogseth told TV 2 on Friday night that their demands were threefold.

“Salaries, health-related requirements for employees that have the heaviest shifts, and the members we have the right to negotiate for. The other side wants to remove the right to negotiate for certain member groups that previously had this right. This is an attack on unions,” Skogseth said.

The Norwegian Aircraft Technician Organization has around 430 members in Norwegian, SAS, Widerøe, Babcock Scandinavian Engineering, Norse Atlantic Airways (Norse), and Kongsberg Aviation Maintenance Services (Kams).

Babcock, Norse, and Kams have not gone on strike, according to NFO.

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