Airline passenger hid 1,000 tablets in a sock

Trondheim AirportVærnes.Toller at Trondheim Airport Værnes Photo: Customs tariffs / NTB scanpix

A man who said he had been on holiday in Spain was stopped at Værnes with over 1,000 tablets inside a sock that he had hidden on his body.

A sniffer dog marked the man when he arrived at the Trondheim airport, and the customs officers found a number of different tablets hidden on by the Norwegian in his fifties.

The total tally was 520 tablets of Imovane, 510 tablets of Tramadol and 22 tablets of opiates.

Imovane is a drug used against sleeplessness and Tramadol is a pain killer, both prescription drugs in Norway.

The man did not have a medical certificate or a prescription for importing the tablets and can await referral from the police, the customs authorities informs.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today