Alarmtelefonen has received almost 3,000 inquiries

CallingCalling.Photo: Ulf Nygaard / NTB scanpix

Alarmtelefonen for children and youths has received 2,886 inquiries during the period between the 12th of March to 26th of April. In just three weeks, they conducted 1,242 chat conversations.

Margrethe Østerhus, head of Alarmtelefonen, the emergency telephone line for children and young people in Norway, tells Dagsavisen that the number of inquiries from young people, especially in the age group 12 to 16, almost exploded when they expanded with a 24-hour chat service on the 7th of April.

– “The youngest who asked for help was only eight years old. We know that many young people prefer this way of communicating rather than talking on the phone. In addition, it was important that the service is done 24 hours a day to ensure children and young people help at all times of day, as we know that things often happen,” says Østerhus.

The first night there were 50 inquiries on the chat.

1,633 telephone calls were also conducted during the period 12 March to 26 April.

– “Many young people talk about a great need for their contact teacher, social worker, therapist, or leisure contact they trust but are not there for them now. Many feel great loneliness and do not feel seen and heard by their parents or others,” says Østerhus.

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  1. old and wise and educated | 2. May 2020 at 05:45 | Reply

    so what has been done about it–?
    every single case should be followed through to a logical conclusion.
    Those kids need help and they are asking for it.

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