Alert Case in “Red” passed on to the police

Red Rødt Bjørnar MoxnesBjørnar Moxnes, Rødt, Oslo

Alert Case in “Red” passed on to the police

Red (Rødt) received a warning before the weekend that the party has urged the alerter to report to the police.


Party secretary in Red (Rødt), Benedikte Pryneid Hansen, informs NTB that they received a warning case on Friday.

– It has been handled according to the party’s guidelines and is now a matter for the police, she says.

– The notice applies to a person who has a position in a local organization The person leaves his position while the case is investigated. What has been warned about has not happened in a party context, Pryneid Hansen writes in a SMS to NTB.

The person who has been warned against is also not a Party member in Red.

The Penal Code

The actual events occurred back in time.

-The alerter is urged to file a police report as the alleged incidents are covered by the Penal Code, says Pryneid Hansen.

The party secretary adds that the party puts the case on hold pending police investigations.

All Parties

All parties represented in the Parliament have eceived one or more warnings in the wake of the #metoo campaign. Red is the last to announce a warning case.

In Red’s policy it is stated that “it must be quickly resolved whether the case should be reported to the police” and that in that is the case, the committee should await the processing of the matter. Otherwise, when the case is not reported to the police, the purpose of the internal processing is to clarify the facts relating to the charge, including both parties version of the incident.


The Conservatives has received four more alerts

The Conservativest has received four more alerts regarding sexual harassment. Thus, there has been 25 warnings in total, most directed at Tonning Riise.


– There are great variations in the alerts. All regard sexual harassment. We will not go into detail regarding the warnings, Secretary-General  of the Conservatives, John-Ragnar Aarset, writes in an email to VG.

Ever since Kristian Tonning Riise retired as Leader of the Youth Party on January 10, there have been a series of alerts concerning sexual harassment. At least ten of those who have been submitted involves Tonning Riise, representing Hedmark Høyre in the Parliament.

Støre will support Giske after his sick leave

When Trond Giske returns from his sick leave, we’ll be there for him, says Labour Leader, Jonas Gahr Støre.

Following the warnings against him, Giske was moved from the Finance Committee to the Family and Culture Committee of the Parliament. Støre says the party will benefit greatly from the former deputy leader in that committee.

The committee’s work covers, among other issues, gender equality policy.

– There may be things that are not natural for him to engage into fully, but the committee also deals with media and cultural policies, areas he has extensive experience from, says Støre.

He does not want to be more specific about what kind of issues it is not natural for Giske to handle.

– No, I’m not going to put my finger on that, but we must take into consideration what people have been through and what their situation is. We also do that in several other matters, Støre says.

Giske has a background as Minister of Culture from 2005 to 2009.

– He comes to a faction and committee where his experience and power can be of importance to us, Støre emphasizes.

Støre thinks the conclusion is sound

AP leader Jonas Gahr Støre believes the main conclusion in the Giske case is sound, even if information regarding some of the warnings is provided.

– Should evidence emerge that changes the conditions to the way some cases have been concluded, we will of course have to look into that. But it’s not going to change the primary conclusion, Støre says in a press conference after the Central Committee meeting on Monday.

He showed to that Giske apologized to two of the warners last week and concluded that this was made on the basis of the stories they have told. According to Aftenposten, the lawyers of the former Deputy Leader state that there are “physical evidence and witness statements” which point in a different direction than the conclusions made by the Labour leadership in the question regarding sexual harassment.

– The cases are adequately scrutinized. We have dealt with every single issue, says Støre.

Støre thanked the warners in all Political Parties

Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre ended his speech to the extraordinary Country Council meeting in Labour by thanking the women who have warned about sexual harassment.

The fight surrounding former Deputy Leader, Trond Giske, was put to rest just before the party leader went to the pulpit.

The leader in Trøndelag Labour, Anne Marit Mevassvik, confirmed to NTB that it is neither natural nor possible to proceed with the matter after the central committee’s conclusion that Giske is no longer desired to be a member.

Close the ranks

Støre emphasized that he was against the leaks and solo flights that have affected the party in recent weeks.

– The right to speak out should be even larger in our party. But remember that our foremost virftue is that we are a diverse family who stick together whatever happens, Støre says, adding:

– Leaks from internal meetings and confidential conversations serve no other purpose, or at least have no other purpose, than to create uncertainty and forms the basis for division. Solo plays and agendas weakens everyone. This country assembly tells that it is time to close the ranks. It’s time to get together and stay together, Støre stated and was applauded.

Thanked the warners

The Labour leader concluded his speech by thanking the women who have warned about sexual harassment, and he addressed his thanks to women of all political parties.

– I have learned that it has cost you. I know it has required courage. I’ve seen the vulnerability you’ve felt. And I know that many of you have felt ashamed, a touched Støre said.

– Of all the things that has impressed me in recent weeks, this is one of the most important, he added.

Støre stressed that men must work hard with themselves to understand what this is about.

– For many of us this shame is strange and unknown. But it’s a shame that runs deep, which can take a long time, and that can hurt s lot much, he stated.

The fight goes on

Støre also stated that politics is still male-dominated and that female politicians are more often subjected to back stabbings, rumors and power techniques.

The fight for gender equality is not over, he says.

Støre pointed to that the number of female Labour mayors increased from 20 per cent in 2011 to more than one in three in 2015. But now the issue is that all those consider whether it is worth to continue.

– When I say I believe in the warners, it also entails that I believe in female politicians who tell me how this is happening, he says.

He emphasized that #MeToo is not dropped by Labour even though the party now concludes in the #MeToo cases. The core issue is that people in power position use it to offend, hurt and take away the freedom of others.

– It is in our DNA to fight this, Støre says.

Endure the scrutiny of history

About the warning cases that led to Giske’s resignation as deputy leader, Støre says that the handling has been fair.

– I’m sure it will withstand scrutiny, Støre says. He repeated that the process has been fair and that Giske has had the opportunity to provide his version.

– To wait even longer would only hurt the Party, he says.

He also maintains that party secretary, Kjersti Stenseng, and the party office have dealt with the issues ‘steady and good’.

Lost trust can be regained

Although Giske has resigned as deputy , he will return to the Parliament after his sick leave. Støre offered an olive branch:

– Let me repeat: lost trust can be regained. We are still comrades after the recents events, the Party Leader states.

– It’s my view of people. Our view, he adds.


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