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Alfalfa Sprouts withdrawn due to salmonella

Alfalfa Sprouts salmonellaAlfalfa Sprouts. Photo:


Sprouts are withdrawn after findings of salmonella

‘Norske Spirer’ withdraws the products “Alfalfa Spirer” and “Rema Økologisk Alfalfa” labeled with sell by date of August 18, due to discovery of salmonella. 


The reason is a risk to the health, says Matportalen. Over the last few weeks, more than one ton of sprouts have been produced and packed in containers of 100 grams. The product is distributed throughout Norway by Bama. Half of the goods have already been withdrawn from stores and distributors.

Normally not fatal

Norwegian Spirer asks consumers who have bought the product, to throw it away or to return it to the store where they were purchased.

Salmonella is a bacterium that can cause food-borne infection with gastrointestinal problems. Normally, salmonella is not fatal, but if you are not completely healthy in advance, the virus may have fatal consequences


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