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She is alive and well – Matilde has been found

matilde missing person

The 16-year-old girl, who yesterday had been reported missing have been found.
She is alive, and was found in Oslo late this evening.

Earlier in the evening there were reports that the police had been looking for the girl internationally as an escalation in the attempt to find her.

The Facebook group Matilde savnet has over the past few days had a tremendous response and reached a total of 16,766 members in two days. Newspapers wrote about the missing girl to call attention to the case. Individuals have submitted search sites on Facebook when they have been out and searched the local area to help police and rescue crews, while at the same time they have put up posters with picture and description.

And tonight came the good news that Matilde was found alive.

This shows how important it is for society to care about each other and help when you have the opportunity.

A giant thank you to the community for the commitment that has been shown.


Source: Norway Today


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