Allied warships participate in military exercise in Western Norway

KNM Otto Sverdrup KNM Otto Sverdrup

Over the next few days, several Allied warships will dock in Bergen Harbour in connection to the annual NATO Exercise, ‘Dynamic Guard’.


From Thursday morning, and during the weekend, more than ten warships will arrive in Bergen, including the Norwegian defence’s own frigate, KNM Otto Sverdrup.

Over the next two weeks, more than 14 surface vessels and submarines will participate in an exercise in connection with an annual submarine course.

In addition, the Navy stated that air activity from helicopters and smaller aircraft is to be expected.

The course is primarily about surface and underwater warfare in challenging coastal, and inland areas. The exercise is linked to the annual NATO Exercise, ‘Dynamic Guard’ that deals with electronic warfare.

‘It is important that NATO is coming to Norway to practice and exercise. This gives us the opportunity to practice with our closest allies while at the same time giving NATO knowledge of how to operate here with us,’ said Marine Commander, Flag Commander, Ole Morten Sandquist.

The practice area is in the North Sea, from Bergen to Sognsjøen, Bjørnafjorden, Sognefjorden, and Sotra west. The participating allied warships come from Denmark, France, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Canada, and Spain.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today