Almost everyone convicted of domestic violence have an immigrant background

Almost anyone convicted of domestic violence have an immigrant backgroundOslo District Court.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / Scanpix

Among the 89 who are convicted of violence against children in the Oslo District Court over the past three years, 82 of them were from an immigrant background, according to a review made by Aftenposten .

The people convicted of violence have backgrounds from 33 different countries, 85 percent are from Africa or Asia, writes Aftenposten, which has gone through the verdicts in trials of violence against children in  Oslo the last three years.
Associate Professor at the Police Academy, Geir Aas, has taken his doctorate on police and domestic violence. He now works on behalf of the Ministry of Justice to evaluate the family violence section of the Criminal Code. According to him, there are three main points that may help to explain the increased rate:
Collectivist cultures gives a greater legitimacy to the use of force against women and children in order to discipline them. Domestic violence is also more common in the part of the population with less resources. In addition,  the immigrant population is younger than the overall population, and domestic violence is more prevalent in younger age groups.
Sylo Taraku, recently outgoing secretary general of the organization LIM – equality, integration, diversity – believes there is clearly a greater acceptance of minority communities for hitting their children.
– While this brings strong reactions and reprisals in a Norwegian context, the attitudes in some immigrant communities that such punishment brings results. If someone warns against it, it’s more of a “don’t do it, you may go to jail” or “the people from the Child Protection center may take away your kids.” Not because they fear the consequences for the children, he said.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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