Almost half of Norwegians fear Trump as president

Donald TrumpDonald Trump.Photo. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

49% of Norwegians believe US President-elect Donald Trump poses a ‘very large’, or ‘fairly big’ threat to world peace, according to a recent poll.

34% of respondents in a nationwide Ipsos poll, conducted for Dagbladet, said that Trump, to a ‘small extent’ posed a threat. 13% responded that
the threat was to a ’very large extent’, and 36% believe it to be ‘to an enormously huge extent.’ 5% said ‘none at all’, and 12% ‘do not know’.

Senior researcher, Svein Melby, at the Institute for Defence Studies, thinks the results reflect ‘uncertainty’.

‘As a professional, I have studied American and international politics for a lifetime, and I can say that Donald Trump represents such an unknown
quantity that there are reasonable people who feel insecurity and uncertainty,’ said Melby.

‘The US has, since World War II, been a stabilising, fixed point in international politics. They have created predictability and stability, something
that was missing before WWII. Trump’s rhetoric has undermined this, and this has been felt internationally’, he said.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today