Almost half ordered meat for Oslo’s vegetarian Christmas table

Yule food pinnekjøttPinnekjøtt is gaining on pork rib as the favourite on Christmas Eve in Norway. Photo:

On Friday, the municipality of Oslo organized a Christmas table, where the main course consisted of baked celery. But four out of five ordered the juletallerken or halibut instead, writes Nationen.

There were many reactions when the news came that Oslo City Hall’s Christmas table would be arranged with a vegetarian main course on the menu. City Council for Environment, Lan Marie Berg (MDG), said she thought this was a good start to make Oslo more vegetarian.

– Making the Christmas table vegetarian is a good start, the city council wrote in an email to VG.

But as vegetarian as Berg wanted was not the Christmas table. As part of the registration form, the staff and politicians had the opportunity to choose two alternative dishes, in addition to fried celery; halibut and juletallerken.

While 68 chose the celery, 118 chose halibut and 155 the juletallerken.

That is, 45 percent of those at the Christmas table chose meat alternatives. The plate contained both ribs, sausage and cakes.

MDG is still satisfied.

– That over one in five chooses a vegan alternative and that even more choose fish is a good start. But I have a great understanding that it takes time to change the eating habits you have acquired over a long life, and especially Christmas is a traditionally bound time, says City Council Secretary for Environment and Transport Sindre Buchanan (MDG) to Nationen.

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