Almost no one has contracted the Coronavirus infection in a public place

TøyenparkenTøyenparken in Oslo : Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

Most people who have been diagnosed with the Coronavirus in recent months were infected at home. Almost no one was infected in the city, the bus or any other public place.

Of the 313 infected people who were reported to the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) between 25 May and 5 July, only four people were infected at public events, writes Aftenposten, which has reviewed NIPH’s weekly reports from week 22 to week 27.

In 81 percent of the 313 cases of infection, it has been possible to trace the source of infection.

121 people contracted the virus while at home or with family and friends, while 46 people were infected at work or on campus.

7 percent were infected in kindergarten or school. However, almost all the cases in this period originate from a single outbreak at a school in Lillestrøm.

For 23 percent of the infection cases in this period, the place of infection is unknown.

However, FHI’s reports cover only 313 of the 559 detected cases of infection during this period. In addition, three out of four cases of infection are never detected, FHI estimates.

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