Almost tropical night

Strong sunStrong sun.Photo: Norway Today Media

No places in Norway had any frost night to Monday. In some places it was close to a tropical night.

Even though it is well into autumn, the scales shows that summer has not completely let go . Or that it has returned.

Night to Monday the temperatures were close to what is called ‘tropical nights’ several places in the country. Monday morning they measured over 20 degrees in both Bergen and Stavanger, and 20 degrees in Trondheim also.

Tafjord in Nordal on Sunnmøre was only a percentage point from touching 20 degrees night to Monday. Several other places in Northwest Norway were in the same category, including Ullensvang, Lærdalsøyri and Førde, all showing more than 18 degrees through the night, showed the overview from Yr.

At the opposite end of the scale, it appears that no weather stations went below zero degrees during the night. Bardufoss was recorded as the coldest spot at 0 degrees, but no weather stations showed frost.

“It’s a bit unusual that there is no night frost anywhere when it is 25 of September. Not even at the highest weather station we have got , Juvasshøe in Jotunheimen located at 1894 meters, reveals the state-meteorologist John Smiths to NRK.

However, he will not declare September as a new summer month, indicating that it has been even warmer than this in previous years.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today