Alternating summer weather gives super Chanterelle season


The rainy summer weather is just the thing for the Chantrelle and the  mushroom season is already well underway.

This year’s season began unusually early. Already at the end of May the first reports of chanterelles in the woods were received.
– It looks very promising. We have received reports of a lot of mushrooms from large parts of the country, but especially from the warmer coastal areas. People are sharing pictures of delicious, full  baskets of mushrooms on Facebook. It is very good this year, said CEO Bo Braathen at the Norway Fungal and Food growers federation .
The hot early summer, followed by alternating and slightly cooler summer weather with frequent rain showers, is just what fungi like.
– When the summer is a bad for us, it’s a good summer for the fungus. We have a good temperature – best between 18 to 22 degrees – but not too hot.  The mushrooms need a good soak occasionally, says biologist Allison Mohn Jenssen.
Source : Norway Today

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