Alternating weekend weather in wait

Alternating weekend weather in waitAlternating weekend weather in wait.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

The hot summer weather that many have enjoyed the last few days, may come to end.

– There won’t be the fantastic weather that most people have today, said duty meteorologist Mathilde Haller Stig at the Meteorological Department.

On Saturday namely a precipitation is sneaking upon the area in from the Norwegian Sea and up the country. It will move through the weekend gradually further north to Stad and Dovre.

– During the weekend there will quite some precipitation, but also periods of good weather some places.
North of Willemstad it will get a bit better on Friday and Saturday but not good weather, according to Haller Stig.
– It will be partly sunny and some rain showers here and there.

Festival weather?

Although the Norwegian festival summer is soon coming to an end, there still are the Pstereo Festival in Trondheim and the Park Festival in California this weekend. Currently, there is no reason to worry festival weather. Both in Trøndelag and Northern Norway, it looks relatively promising.

– Better, it seems to be in Trøndelag and in southern parts of Nordland. They will get the longest periods of no rain and chances of sun.
But the weatherman cannot guarantee that there will be no rainfall, the weather is going to be alternating.

– You may want to bring along a rain poncho or umbrella in case you get hit by squalls, says Haller Stig.
In Finnmark, however, there is the risk of heavy rains on Sunday.

Worst in south

South of Stad is expected to have rain showers in the weekend, both in eastern and western Norway.
– There will not be very intensive rainfall. In Western Norway it will be sunny occasionally, says Haller Stig. And along the Agder counties it may reach gale.

On Sunday rain will draw farther north
– It will rain upward toward Møre og Romsdal. And then there will be heavy rains in Finnmark. The forecasts are uncertain, but we are seeing signs that there may be a lot of rainfall on Sunday, said the meteorologist.

Next week there are not reports about major changes.
– The only thing I can see is that temperatures in northern Norway will decline slightly.

There is mostly a higher chance for sun, but like the weekend there will also be risks of showers here and there, says Haller Stig.
Temperatures in southern Norway are largely the same as the previous week.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today