Amal Aden threatened by mail about integration

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There have been lots of quick reactions after columnist Amal Aden wrote about immigrants who do not want to work because of their faith.

Aden mentioned that she turned off her mobile phone after receiving 322 threats.

last week the Somali writer wrote an article in Dagbladet about immigrants coming to Norway while no one has thought about how letting them to be integrated into Norwegian society.

They are also not interested in taking a job based on religious grounds but they are very fond of money they receive in benefits from Nav.

– I have received 322 threats and stopped checking and reading them. I do not have time for this. It becomes ridiculous, simply, I have no words, says Aden to the newspaper Dagbladet.

The threats have partly been that she should be stoned, raped and killed.

She says that her post was mistranslated into Somali and that is the reason for receiving many threats.

– We should respect religious, that’s not what it’s about but who will care for them if they do not want to work for religious reasons? asks Aden.

Also, people who work in the refugee field has responded to the initiative and believes Aden destroys integration.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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  1. I totally agree with Amal. I personally met people who consider Norwegians as infidels but they have no answer if you ask them why they receive subsistence cash from an infidel institution NAV. It is just contradictory and unhelpful to bite the finger the feeds you.

  2. Sami Ubeid, you must write the full truth : Norwegians are infidels and muslims can rape and kill them. The peace in Koran is only for muslims. And Norway must donate muslims because they are supported by USA and Norway do what USA says. Norway guest that Russia will not support them if Norwegians say NO and stop to donate USA and the islamic conquerors.

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