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An American aircraft carrier is heading towards Norway

hangar shipPresident Donald Trump sends American hangar ship to Norway.Photo(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


The USS Harry S. Truman, a US Naval carrier, is on its way to the waters outside Norway.


Confirms the Armed Forces operational headquarters.

“We have understood that they want to work under arctic conditions, and we have a good dialogue about how we can get something together,” says Colonel Eystein Kvarving to NTB.

He adds that the aircraft carrier will reside in international waters, but in the vicinity of Norway.

The visit coincides with Trident Juncture, NATO’s mega exercise in Norway this fall, where more than 40,000 troops from 30 countries will participate. The exercise lasts a few weeks into its most intensive phase.

But so far it’s not confirmed if the USS Harry S. Truman will participate in Trident Juncture.

“While in the region, the fleet group will participate in a number of operations and exercises,” said Commander Captain Kyle Raines from the US Navy in a statement to NTB.

“But for safety reasons, I can not discuss specific future operations,” he says.

USS Harry S. Truman is 333 meters tall and accommodates more combat aircraft on board than it is in the entire Norwegian Air Force.

The nuclear-powered aircraft carrier has spent the last days in the waters off Iceland.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today


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