American right-wing extremist arrested at event in Oslo

PoliceOslo,Illustration Image Police.: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

An American right-wing extremist is arrested by police during an event at Sinsen in Oslo. Dozens of protesters showed up.

Senior adviser Martin Bernsen of PST confirms to Filter News that an American citizen was arrested on Saturday pending a deportation decision.

Filter reports that Greg Johnson is under arrest. He was to attend the event organized by Scandza Forum.

Scandza Forum, which has held events in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, on Saturday was to hold a secret conference in Oslo, with right-wing speakers from several countries.

Among them is Johnson, who previously expressed support for Anders Behring Breivik’s rationale for the July 22 terror attack, according to Filter News. He referred to terror as “necessary,” and has gone a long way toward describing the killing of AP (Labor) politicians as a legitimate means of fighting “non-white immigration.”

Police were dispatched to the event after 40 to 50 protesters showed up, according to TV 2. The police said that they were loud, without any hint of violence.

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