More Americans see Russia as a threat

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After the presidential election in 2016, more Americans than ever say they fear Russia. One in four said they consider the country to be an immediate danger to the United States.
The proportion who see Russia as a potential threat to the United States has increased from 76 to 82% since March 2015.

The figures were taken from a recent survey by Reuters/Ipsos. The figures are about equal among Democratic and Republican voters.

The survey asked respondents rank a number of countries by how great a threat they pose to the United States.

Russia was second to the top of the list, beaten only by North Korea, but was viewed as potentially more dangerous than Iran, Syria, China, Saudi Arabia, Cuba and Yemen.

The increased concern comes after an election in which President-elect Donald Trump’s financial ties to Russia became a topic, as well as unconfirmed intelligence information that Russia tried to influence the elections, including by hacking U.S. computer systems.

Trump has repeatedly praised Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling him a ‘strong leader’ with whom he hopes to get a ‘good relationship’.


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  1. After January 20, all this fear will just go away. Meanwhile, the British attempt to take down Trump with a dirty dossier has turned into an epic fail.

    On Washington Times, someone said they were surprised McCain was involved in Britain’s latest “dodgy dossier,” trying to take down (the) Trump (government). Here is my/BlackArrow’s response there and then re-posted on Spectator:

    Not strange at all. This was an international neocon op. Election 2016 was a to-the-death struggle between the free-trade globalists and militarist neocons led by Hillary on one hand against We the American People and Donald Trump on the other. We wanted no more jobs free-betrayded away and no more war crime neocon wars which were obviously/inevitably leading to World War 3 … for which the Russians were drastically preparing.

    Joe Lieberman and John McCain were the arch-neocons who tried to use the Kosovo “war” – illegally forced on the Serbs with Appendix B of the Rambouillet Treaty, which I helped whistle-blow in academia on H-Diplo on 14May99 – to get Bill Clinton war/dictatorial powers … voted down by the Senate 78-22 … the senators (back then) knew what was going on and stopped it.

    McCain has pushed for every neocon war the neocon network has wanted. He is their tool. With the neocons’ fall in Election 2016, Britain is now the lead neocon country … and is thus become a hostile foreign power. And McCain CONSPIRED … TREASONOUSLY … with them against our duly elected government.

    Note also that there were 5 … maybe 6 … Yves Chandelon? … 2016 deaths probably related to the election. (The neocons are desperate, because they can be prosecuted not only for starting war crime wars but also for knowingly/directly supporting the creation and supplying of Islamic State.)

    (Yves Chandelon was a NATO chief auditor and its terrorism financing investigator. Although he had 3 pistols of his own, the “suicide” gun is un-registered … rather like Vince Foster’s forged suicide note … and it was in his right hand, although he was left-handed – a very un-researched/unprofessional murder. And anything he knew so hot, he would have reported to NATO SecGen Jens Stoltenberg, who must be in danger too.)

    For example, Assange’s lawyer John Jones was “suicide”-murdered in Britain … like Iraq war whistle-blower Dr. David Kelly had been in July 2003 … during Election 2016. Jones was a highly respected and liked human rights lawyer, and in apparent retaliation the otherwise very pro-national-security Telegraph newspaper came out with an explosive article exposing how MI5 blocked Scotland Yard from arresting and prosecuting Choudary for his Islamic State activities/ops in Britain.

    The neocons have the money and the media, and there are neocon( supporter)s throughout both parties. Romney and Paul Ryan were kissing up to them during *their* campaign. After the election, Trump has tried to be conciliatory, for the Country’s stability, in our tradition, but the neocon-dominated Democrats have gone WAY too far now.

    As to your surprise about the accursed McCain, wake UP!

    Please see my other postings below about another British “dodgy dossier” used to defraud us all into the Iraq war.

    Lou Coatney


    And PM May’s national security advisor has resigned! Here is my/BA’s comment under the very short Spectator article about that:

    Coincidence? I don’t think so.

    Meanwhile in the U.S. people are publicly wondering if McCain shouldn’t be impeached or even tried for treason, for collaborating in this latest, now discredited (in the U.S. if not in Spectator) British “dodgy dossier” which attempted to overthrow our duly elected government.

    (Your previous, neocon Blair-Campbell-Straw-Scarlett “dodgy dossier” helped get us all into our war crime Iraq war … if you remember. And this former ambassador Andrew Wood is a good chum of Tony? How cozy.)

    Please see my revelatory comments over under *Paul* Wood’s farcical column about Trump being a “compromised Russian agent of influence.”

    And we thought *Democrats* were sore losers! :-/ 🙂

    Lou Coatney

  2. Jeg er i Flateby, by the way.

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